Amaya and Jesse, Regina (Buyer and Sellers)

Shelly has been a professional, trustworthy and diligent agent. She has gone above and beyond, taking ample time out of her own life to help us with all that we need. She cares about knowing what we are looking for and has never put pressure on us when making decisions. We couldn't be happier with her services!

Sheryl C (Seller)

Shelly Kainz is such a great REALTOR®! She was proactive in checking into things that might be come an issue and helped me to address them. Shelly kept in constant communication with me throughout the process and provided invaluable insight and information. Extremely professional and personable! I highly recommend her to everyone. You will not find a REALTOR® with more integrity than Shelly. Thanks for everything, you made the process so much easier!

Steve and Kathy (Seller)

Shelly was amazing to work with. She was very professional with wonderful knowledge of the real estate market. Our condo sold in 4 days! I would recommend Shelly Kainz to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Thanks Shelly.

Steven T (Seller and Buyer)

Shelly Kainz did a great job listing and selling my Condo. It was a surprisingly quick process! Shelly Kainz was always available when I needed her. Shelly Kainz was very knowledgeable in the buying process and knows what to look for.

Madeline B (Seller)

Shelly was very knowledgeable about all aspects of listing, advertising, presentation of the property and was very efficient in closing the sale of my home. She made the whole process go very smoothly for me and I highly recommend her to my friends.

Judy W (Seller)

Shelly Kainz was terrific to work with on the sale of my house. Her friendly but professional manner was a real asset to the whole process. I / my family had worked with Shelly previously and she didn't let me down.

Margaret Anne (Seller)

Would NEVER use anyone else! Shelly is AMAZING, she takes care of EVERYTHING, no hassles, no worries!

Carol U (Seller)

Excellent service and relates well with customers. Kept me well informed. Very personable.

Carol M, Pilot Butte (Seller)

My house sold in a day! Shelly Kainz was absolutely fantastic! She was quick to answer my questions and walked me through the entire process with professionalism and thorough knowledge. I would recommend Shelly to all of my friends. Thank you so much Shelly!

Leah and Geoff

Shelly is an exceptional real estate agent to work with. Time and time again, she goes above and beyond. We really appreciate how prompt and responsive she is. She never pressures you into making any decisions, and truly wants you to find what you want - even when that changes over time. She is very generous with her time and makes it known she will continue to work towards your goals, she is flexible and able to pivot quickly. We couldn't ask for a more ethical, reliable, pleasant and kind person to work with on the biggest purchase of our lives :)"

Alex, Karla and Vinny

Still in shock over the purchase of our new home in White City. It was a few months of searching for the right home and we finally found the perfect home with everything we wanted and more. I have used Shelly Kainz as my Realtor for my entire “house buying life”. She was there from home #1 on Coventry to the Townhouse in Harbour Landing to now listing our current home in Parkridge. I have known Shelly since I was young and consider her a close family friend. Shelly is very knowledgeable in so many aspects of the house buying process. She is extremely trustworthy and honest! If you are looking for a realtor you can rely on and trust every step of the way I would highly recommend using Shelly Kainz with L.E. Realty. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and making us feel so confident this entire journey.

Dorothy (buyer)

"Shelly, from the very first day I started working with you, I knew I could trust you. I was totally new to all this but you took your time to explain everything. Shelly is so patient and will respond to my messages no matter how early or late in the day. Our search took a while but through it all, you were very optimistic and encouraging. At no point did I feel pressured to make a decision. You always respected my views and gave me the opportunity to make decisions. Thanks so much Shelly for all your help, I don’t think I will have made it this far if it hadn’t been for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. I will always recommend you to anyone. You are the best,"